Monday, January 13, 2020

Paano ma-protect ang content mula sa copying at stealing?

content stealing theftBawat website owner, sooner or later, ay iqu-question kung paano ma-protect ang kanyang website content mula sa thefts. After all, medyo expensive ang filling ng web pages with high-quality text. At the same time, hindi magandang malaman na ang iyong content na ginawa ay mapupunta lamang sa ibang websites.
Ang content protection ay relevant, especially in cases kung saan ang “website-thief” ay indexed by search engines much faster than yours. Ito ay pwedeng mag lead sa fact na ang pages nito will be recognized as primary source, at ikaw ay caught copying at mapa-“punished” by downgrading your website rating. Upang ma-prevent ang gulo, you need to learn kung paano ma-protect ang iyong website content mula sa thefts at secure copyright.

Pag-protect sa uniqueness ng website content
Sa iba, ito ay parang unrealistic. Ang pag-protect sa iyong website content ay hindi isang easy task. No method guarantees 100% protection sa iyong content. Kahit na ang direct copying of text ay hindi possible, pwede pa ring ma-copy ang text manually.
Pero huwag tayong mag-panic. In most cases, upang ma-protect ang text type of content ng iyong website mula sa easy copying, you need to learn the four tips na gumagana.

Option #1. Content protection software o by coding
IP protectionSure ako na marami ka nang nakitang websites kung saan ang copying text ay impossible. Website content protection in such a way na kung iyong iha-highlight ang text at ita-try request ang menu, walang nangyayari.
Kaya there is no way na ma-select ang “Copy” dito. Ang familiar na combination ng Ctrl + C ay hindi rin gagana in such cases.
Pwede mo ring ma-protect ang content mula sa theft in a similar way. Such request ay kailangang i-announce sa iyong website developer. For an experienced professional na ma-preserve ang content ng site in this way is pretty straightforward.

Option #2. Pag-add ng copyright link
Ang isang experienced website developer ay pwedeng mag-arrange ng another option kung paano ma-protect ang content mula sa copying. Kailangan niyang i-make sure na kapag “borrowing text” mula sa pages ng iyong website at the end, ang script ay ia-add ang address of the page kung saan ito kinuha at mag-aadd ng couple of words indicating this.
In most cases, the person na nag-steal ng content ay hindi mano-notice ang addition na ito at kanyang mapu-publish ang text sa kanyang website.
As a result ng protection sa uniqueness ng content bibigyan ka nito ng free external link, at ang mga visitors sa thief website ay malalaman kung saan galing ang information at baka ifo-follow ang link at the end of the text, na magbibigay sa iyong website ng additional source of traffic.

Option #3. Mga backlinks
Ang paggamit ng backlinks ay hindi ipo-protect ang content ng iyong website in general. Just along with the text, ang content thief ay most likely mapu-publish ang mga links na ito sa kanyang website. Kaya may slight increase sa number ng iyong external backlinks completely free of charge.

secured communication
Option #4. Gamitin ang address ng iyong website sa text
Ang tip na ito ay hindi lamang upang ma-protect ang text content, ii-indicate din nito ang primary source. Gamitin ang name of your company, ang name of the author o ang address of your website sa iyong texts so that it fits into the meaning at clear kung sino ang may-ari ng text. In most cases, ang copied text ay placed without careful reading, kung kaya the links to your website are likely to remain.

Ano pa ang pwedeng gawin?
It so happens na ang pag-protect sa uniqueness ng content ay hindi efficient enough, kaya thieves regularly steal text at ipe-place ito sa more popular websites. As a result, kailangan mong i-rewrite ang iyong articles para ito ay maging unique muli.

Upang ma-avoid ito, pwede kang mag-apply ng ilang easy tricks. It will help kung iyong i-speed up ang indexing ng new pages ng iyong website. Hindi nito kayang ma-protect ang content mula sa theft, pero it will let the search engines understand kung sino ang author at kung sino ang thief.

Heto ang ibang tips kung paano ma-speed up ang indexing:
1. I-add ang URL ng new webpage sa sitemap.xml file;
2. Gumamit ng social networks. Mag-post sa Facebook o Instagram gamit ang link sa iyong new webpage;
3. I-configure ang internal linking sa iyong website. For example, ang isang link mula sa main page ay pwedeng ma-speed up ang indexing para sa new page.

man on the top
Decidedly, pwede mong ma-protect ang content mula sa copying o thieves, pero ito ay hindi laging gagana efficiently.
Huwag kalimutan na ang probability ng content stealing mula sa iyong website ay hindi masyadong mataas in general kapag ang iyong website ay hindi kabilang sa first page by Search Engines. Kaya calm down at mag-focus sa pag-promote ng iyong website to the TOP.

Huwag mag-hesitate i-share ang article! Baka ang website content protection ay highly appealing sa isa sa iyong friends!

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Does Using HTTPS Affect SEO?

In mid-2014, Google announced the emergence of a new factor affecting the positioning of websites in search results - the usage of the HTTPS protocol.

It was stated that if you use the HTTPS protocol, significant ranking bonuses will be available for the website in the form of an advantage over those who do not use it. At the same time, the official announcement emphasized Google’s concern for the safety of users while visiting the Internet.

Several years have passed and many are still wondering if using HTTPS for SEO is really an important factor or is this all just fake news?

In this article, we will try to figure out whether the type of data transfer protocol (HTTP or HTTPS) is important for websites’ SEO promotion.

Benefits to use HTTPS for SEO
Google encourages for constant usage of the HTTPS protocol for websites that are being created, as well as the transfer of old websites into it.
It is also reported that after the website is transferred to HTTPS, its position may temporarily fall, because search engine bots will have to re-index it.
After the completion of this stage, there will be a slight improvement in positions relative to indicators that were previously on HTTP. However, in the future, the value of this factor will continue to grow, and therefore, the impact of HTTPS on website promotion should be quite significant.
Actually, these are only promises that have very little impact with the current state of affairs.
Consider the data on the change in the visibility of some websites using the HTTPS protocol, six months after the introduction of the new Google algorithm:

As you can see, the position growth is indeed observed, but it is so insignificant (5% maximum) that these position improvements can be attributed both to the influence of HTTPS on website promotion and also to natural results (after all this time, the promotion work most likely did not stop)
It turns out which protocol the site uses (HTTP or HTTPS) for SEO promotion is not particularly important. Although there can be no definite conclusions on this subject. These are only judgments that are based on our own experience and examples of random websites.

Confirmed facts for why to use HTTPS protocol for SEO 
1. Increased visitor confidence. Using the HTTPS protocol for a website can still slightly improve its position in search results by influencing behavioral factors. After all, the difference between HTTPS and HTTP is primarily expressed by a high level of trust in websites using the more secure of these two protocols.

As a result, if you use the HTTPS protocol for a website, you can significantly reduce the number of failures and thereby indirectly affect its promotion. It will also help increase conversion rate.

2. Trust from search engines. In any case, HTTPS is one of the ranking factors according to official data. Therefore, its significance will grow with time. You need to decide when to make that transition, but it will need to be done sooner or later.

Negative aspects of using the HTTPS protocol
In the case of new websites that are immediately made with support for HTTPS, there will be no problems for SEO. For the old websites, the following points may be very important:

1. Considering that in all web page addresses HTTP will be replaced with HTTPS, for SEO this will turn into a real disaster for a while. Firstly, the search engines will perceive the changed web resource as a completely new resource with all the consequences that will follow.

2. After the introduction of a new data transfer protocol, the speed of the website will decrease. Not too much, actually, maybe about 10 "extra" KB for each session will be added. This is only 2% of the delay.

3. The cost of paying for SSL certificates can range from $ 13 to $ 1,000, which for some is a fairly significant additional expense.

So what to choose: HTTPS or HTTP?
Considering that the impact of HTTPS on website promotion is still not fully defined, you may not run to transfer existing websites to the new protocol after reading the article. Actually, we did it already :)
And at the same time, if the choice is made at the stage of website development, it would be more logical to focus on a safe and modern data transfer protocol.
Do not forget to express your opinion on the topic of the article below in the comments!

Nakaaapekto Ba Ang Paggamit ng HTTPS sa SEO

Noong mid-2014, in-announce ng Google ang pag-emerge ng new factor na nakaaapekto sa positioning ng websites sa search results – ito ay ang usage ng HTTPS protocol.
It was stated na kung gagamitin ang HTTPS protocol, may mga significant ranking bonuses available para sa iyong website, isang advantage kumpara sa mga hindi gumagamit nito. At the same time, ini-emphasize ng official announcement ang concern ng Google sa safety ng mga users habang gumagamit ng Internet.
Maraming taon ang lumipas pero marami pa rin ang nagtataka kung ang paggamit ba ng HTTPS for SEO ay isang important factor o isa lamang bang fake news?

Sa article na ito, i-fifigure out natin kung ang type of data transfer protocol (HTTP o HTTPS) ay importante ba sa websites’ SEO promotion.

Mga Benefits sa Paggamit ng HTTPS for SEO
Ini-encourage ng Google ang constant usage ng HTTPS protocol for websites that are being created, pati na ang pag-transfer ng old websites rito.
It is also reported na pagkatapos mai-transfer ang website to HTTPS, ang position nito ay pwedeng temporarily bumaba, dahil ito ay kailangang i-re-index ng search engine bots.
Pagkatapos ng completion ng stage na ito, maaaring may slight improvements sa positions relative to indicators na noon ay nasa HTTP. Pero sa kinabukasan, ang value ng factor na ito ay patuloy na mag-go-grow, at ang impact ng HTTPS sa website promotion ay dapat maging quite significant.
Ito ay mga promises lang na may very little impact sa current state of affairs.
I-consider ang data sa change in the visibility ng ibang websites gamit ang HTTPS protocol, six months pagkatapos ng introduction ng new Google algorithm:

As you can see, ang position growth ay ma-oobserve, pero ito ay very insignificant (5% maximum) ang position improvements ay pwedeng ma-attribute sa influence ng HTTPS sa website promotion at sa natural results (after all this time, ang promotion work most likely ay hindi nag-stop)
It turns out na kahit anong protocol ang gamitin ng site (HTTP o HTTPS) for SEO promotion ay hindi particularly important. Although walang definite conclusions sa subject na ito. Ito ay mga judgments na based lamang sa aming own experience at examples ng random websites.

Mga Confirmed facts kung bakit kailangang gamitin ang HTTPS protocol for SEO
1. Increased na visitor confidence. Ang paggamit ng HTTPS protocol para sa website ay pwedeng ma-slightly improve ang position nito sa search results by influencing behavioral factors. After all, ang pagkakaiba sa pagitan ng HTTPS at HTTP ay primarily expressed ng high level of trust in websites na gamit ang mas secure sa dalawang protocols.

As a result, kung gagamitin ang HTTPS protocol para sa isang website, pwedeng ma-reduce ang number of failures at indirectly maapektuhan ang promotion nito. Makakatulong din ito na mapa-increase ang conversion rate.

2. Trust mula sa mga search engines. In any case, isa ang HTTPS sa mga ranking factors according sa official data. Therefore, ang significance nito will grow with time. Kailangan mong mag-decide kung kailan gagawin ang transition, pero kailangan mo itong gawin sooner or later.

Mga Negative aspects sa paggamit ng HTTPS protocol
In the case ng new websites na made with support for HTTPS, walang magiging problema para sa SEO. Para naman sa old websites, following points may be important:
1. I-consider na lahat ng web page addresses HTTP ay ire-replace ng HTTPS, ito ay pwedeng maging real disaster for SEO for a while. Firstly, kikilalaning isang completely new resource ng search engines ang changed web resource.
2. Pagkatapos ng introduction ng new data transfer protocol, ang speed ng website will decrease. Hindi sobrang decreased, siguro nasa 10 "extra" KB each session ang madadagdag. Ito ay 2% only ng delay.
3. Ang cost ng babayaran para sa SSL certificates ay range mula $ 13 to $ 1,000, na para sa iba ay isang fairly significant na additional expense.

Kaya ano ang pipiliin: HTTPS o HTTP?
I-consider na ang impact ng HTTPS sa website promotion ay hindi pa fully defined, you may not run to transfer the existing websites to the new protocol after basahin ang article. Actually, we did it already :)
And at the same time, if the choice is made sa stage of website development, mas logical na mag-focus sa isang safe at modern data transfer protocol.

Huwag kalimutang i-express ang iyong opinion sa topic ng article na ito below in the comments!

Monday, September 30, 2019

Paano mapapabuti ang iyong website navigation?

Ang iyong website ay dapat na makapag-provide ng important information para sa iyong visitors. Ang isa sa important elements ng maayos na website ay ang pagkakaroon ng pleasant user experience in using site navigation. Ang iyong site visitors are expecting na they can easily find the information na gusto nilang makita. Ang iyong website navigation ay ang digital bridge na magco-connect sa iyong visitors at information na gusto mong ipaalam.

We all know kung gaano ka-important ang first impression sa ating everyday lives at business, at ang iyong website ay ang iyong first introduction sa iyong products o service. Unfortunately, konti lang sa atin ang nagbibigay ng enough focus na mag-create ng easy at maayos na navigation sa ating websites. In this post, ang five tips na nasa ibaba will help you to improve the navigation ng iyong website na siguradong maa-appreciate ng iyong avid readers.

1) Make it Early!
Normally, ang mga tao na nag-c-create ng kanilang website o online shop using templates ay nags-start lamang mag-add ng pages based sa needs at goals ng website. This way usually ends sa pagkalimot na pag-create ng site menu. Pwede kang maka-create nang mas maayos na website navigation kung mags-start ka muna sa pag-create ng draft. Kapag nag-create ka ng menu upang ma-navigate easily ng iyong visitors ang iyong website, ito ay tinatawag na "sitemap" o map ng website. There are many ways kung paano ka makaka-create ng sitemap. Start by planning ng isang simple na map, gamit ang ballpen at paper upang maisulat kaagad ang iyong first ideas. Then, pwede mo ito i-rewrite gamit ang MS Word Doc.

For example:
1. About US
a. Our Products and Services
b. Our Blog
c. Our Contacts

There are many different tools sa pag-create ng sitemap na mag-o-automatic process para sa iyo. Check it using Google. Gawing simple ang iyong draft nang walang masyadong details. Ang kailangan mo lang ay ang primary structure for your website. You can read some of the great tips na aking naisulat sa mga previous articles dito.

2) Make it Simple!
Ang phrases na ginagamit mo should be user-friendly. Simplicity is the key here. Of course, nakasalalay din dito ang goal ng iyong website and to what industry it is categorized. For example, kung ikaw ay isang professional writer para sa science magazines, accepted na gamitin ang "Mga Artikulo" to define kung anong content ang iyong isinulat, but if you are in an e-commerce company, o kaya ay isang simple personal website, ang "Blog" ay appropriate word na pwede mong gagamitin. Other examples, gaya ng isang online shop, you wouldn’t want to name your shop as "Marketplace" at mas bagay na gamitin mo ang word na “Shop” instead.

3) Don’t forget about your main logo
In today’s time, majority of your website visitors ay may ini-expect na experience while they are browsing. One of these ay ang iyong logo should always be naka-link back to your homepage. Usually, makikita mo ang logo sa upper left corner ng website. It is important that you understand na ang pag-create ng isang unusual website may result sa confusion ng ilang visitors, at confusion may be the cause na mawala ang iyong potential customers. To make sure that you are giving the best experience para sa iyong visitors, dapat kang gumawa ng trials gamit ang A / B testing parameters. We will have a new post about sa topic na ito in the next few days.

4) Make it Mobile friendly!
Your website should be mobile friendly at may responsive navigation by default. The responsive navigation gives way for any visitor to look at the design and content ng iyong website on any type of devices: gaya ng laptop, desktop, smartphone o tablet. There are no doubts about this. There are many reasons kung bakit ito mahalaga. One of the primary reasons ay there are more people now who look at websites using smartphone instead of using laptop at desktop. If one person visits your website gamit ang mobile device at siya ay nahirapan sa iyong menu, siya ay agad-agad na lilipat sa other websites.

5) Maximize usage of your website footer
Ang iyong footer ay ang lugar kung saan nakalagay ang items that are not so important, gaya ng Terms and Conditions, GDPR and etc. Sa ibang website owners, this part is important dahil majority of the people ang nags-scroll directly sa footer to find some important information tulad ng address ng company o mga job opportunities. While the others, especially sa e-commerce websites, this is where they repeat their information to let the visitors know kung saan makikita ang kanilang company. Secondly, many websites ang nagli-linkback ng kanilang mga social icons sa kanilang footer area.

Hopefully, ang mga tips na ito ay naging beneficial at makakatulong sa iyo to attract many visitors sa iyong new website.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Apat na Tips Para Mabilang sa Top Google Search Page

How to make it on the first Google page?
Sa tuwing gagamit ka ng mga search engine gaya ng Google Search hanggang anong pahina ka tumutingin ng mga resulta? Ayon sa isang pag-aaral, higit sa 75% ng mga tao ay tumitinggin lamang sa unang pahina ng Google Search results upang mahanap ang kanilang nais na produkto o kasagutan. Kaya naman karamihan sa mga websites , blogs, o e-commerce ang nagnanais na maiposisyon ang kanilang website sa unang pahina ng Google Search.

Paano nga ba makakamit ang ninanais na posisyong ito?

Ang konsepto ng Digital Marketing at Search Engine Optimization ang siyang makatutulong sa mapalawig ang iyong kaisipan pagdating sa Modern Website Promotion Methods. Ayon sa mga konseptong ito, nasa mahigit 700 ang pamantayan ng Google sapag suri ng bawat website kung paano sila ipag sunod sunod sa bawat Google Search. Sa mahigit 700 na pamantayan, apat (4) dito ang tinuturing na pinakamahalaga.

1. Internal Website Optimization

Ang salik na ito ay ang kabuoang imahe ng iyong website. Tignan ang bawat pahina ng iyong website o webpages at siguraduhing ang bawat article at imahe na nilalaman nito ay dekalidad, orihinal, at makabuluhan. Ilan pa sa mga bagay na pwede mong tutukan upang magkaroon ng high-quality optimized web pages ang mga sumusunod: 
  • Tamang set-up ng page titles, descriptions, H1, Alt, at iba pa
  • Smart internal linking
  • Iba-ibang imahe, video at social network links
  • Keyword presence, relevance, frequency, at spam level
  • Unique Content

 2. External factors for website promotion

Backlinks building
Ang salik na ito ay ang pagkilala sa iyo ng ibang mga dekalidad na website. Kung sa tao pa, it is the people who talk about you. Mahalaga ang salik na ito bilang batayan kung ang iyong website ay pinagkakatiwalaan at kinikilala rin ng ibang mga website at influencers. Binibilang dito ang mga links mula sa ibang websites na dumiderecta sa iyong website. Upang mai-maximize ang external links for website promotion, siguraguhin ang: 
  • Bilang ng links mula sa ibang website patungo sa iyong website
  • Link Quality ( Strategic and relevant link placement )
  • Ang mga link ay nakapaloob sa relevant articles at website themes
  • Bilang at variety ng mga websites kung saan nakapaloob ang mga links
  • Ang mga website ay hindi “blacklisted(Marked as spam, fraud)

3. Visitors Behavioral Factors

Ang salik na ito ay kung paano tinitignan at nakikipag-engage ang mga users o website visitors sa iyong website. Masasabing ang isang user o website visitor ay engaged sa iyong website sa pamamagitan ng mga sumusunod na elemento: 
  • Time duration o Panahong itinagal ng bawat user sa iyong website
  • Depth of view o bilang ng web pages na binisita ng user
  • Bilang ng mga users na bumibisita sa iyong website sa higit isang beses
  • Bounce Rate o bilang ng mga user na bumibisita sa website at pagkatapos ay agarang umalis

SEO components

4. Social media factors and methods in SEO

Ang salik na ito ay nagpapahalaga sa interaksyon ng mga credible social networks users tungkol sa iyong website at paksa o theme ng iyong website. Upang mapanatiling mataas ang engagement ng bawat user sa iyong website at website theme, mahalagang palaging merong fresh content na pwedeng pag diskusyunan. Muli, sinusuri dito ang: 
  • Bilang ng mga nag like at share sa iyong website  o social media page
  • Mga nabuong groups sa social network ukol sa iyong website o theme
  • Social Network groups maintenance ( frequency of posts, number of views by visitors, etc.)
  • Credibility of Social Network Users na aktibong nakikibahagi at nakikipag-interact sa iyong website o mga theme at topic na mayroong kaugnayan sa iyong website

Bagaman mahalagang mapag-aralan ang apat (4) na pamantayang ito upang maisiguro ang pagpasok sa top Google Search Pages, ang pagpapakita ng makatotohanang impormasyon at pakikitungo nang tapat ang siyang dapat manatiling pinakamahalaga lalo na sa panahanon ngayon kung saan ang ating henerasyon ay lubos ang pagtitiwala sa impormasyong natutuklasan sa mga Search Engines gaya ng Google Search.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Paano correctly setup ang 404 page

How many times ka na bang naka-encounter nang message saying that the requested page does not exist while nagba-browse ka nang Internet? What do you usually do in this situation?
Most likely, iko-close mo ang page tab and move to another website without trying to figure out the reasons kung bakit this happens.

On your own website, your visitors encounter an error 404 din:
- Ano ito? – Kadalasan, they will automatically close the tab in your browser kapag nangyayari ito. At that moment, you are losing a potential customer. This occurs dahil the 404 error page is not properly designed and arranged.

Bakit important ang 404 page design?
To begin with, let's remember na ang 404 error is the server’s response code dahil impossible na mai-display ang document na hinahanap nang visitor, web page or any other information primarily dahil hindi naman talaga ito existent.

The most common causes of this error are: 
• broken links;
• change of web page address;
• error when writing the URL in the address bar;
• page removal or deletion from the website.

Ang daming options, right? Therefore, you need to know kung papaano i-setup ang 404 page in case a user hits it. With properly arrange 404 page ang iyong visitors ay automatically redirected to the other page instead of leaving your website.

How should a correct 404 page look? 
1. Ang design nang 404 page should be more or less the same sa look nang entire website, so that the user does not feel that he has entered another website. This creates the integrity of the virtual space para ang visitor is given the opportunity to stay sa iyong website.

2. Properly designed 404 page should contain a link to the main page and/or menu para madali para sa visitor to return to your website without the question: “What to do next?”.

3. Ang 404 page ay pwde ding i-arranged with some humor - is one of the best ways to get the user to treat the situation with fun and convince him not to leave your website. You can use not only humorous text for page 404, but also pictures nang mga relevant content sa iyong website. This web page is perfectly suitable to express creative ideas which cannot be implemented on other pages of your website. Pwede ka ding maghanap nang examples of the 404 error page na nakita namin  para sa iyo on www:

4. It’s way better na gumamit nang images together with the text. Creative and funny 404 errors pages are good choices para matanggal ang negative emotions that occur in such situations, which will allow a little improvement to behavioral factors.

5. Unleash your Creativity! Pwede mong i-combine ang mga recommendations para makagawa ka nang memorable 404 page. We suggest you to use a link to the main page, search field (if you have it) or simply browse your website’s para sa most popular articles.

6. Do not forget to explain to your visitor kung bakit he sees your creative 404 error page. After all, hindi lahat aware kung ano ang 404 error and how to behave when it appears. Kindly avoid deep technical details here. Make it short, helpful at creative.

7. If you do not have time to create unique and funny ideas, pwede kang gumamit nang Google para makakita nang examples using “creative 404 error pages”.

Funny and creative 404 error pages ay hindi nanman necessary, pero they can change the attitude of visitors to your website at ikaw ay makaka-benefit dito. And this, as you may understand, is quite a lot to help them make the right decision about a purchase or ordering some products or services from you.

Make your unique and creative 404 pages today! Good luck!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Is it worth it to buy an old domain?

Sa pagpili ng address para sa website, maraming novice owners and developers ang kadalasan ay faced with tempting offers – bumili ng old domain. At the same time, may mga legitimate considerations na kailangan mong i-consider:     
• Paano makaka-affect sa iyong website ang reputation ng used domain?
• Ano ang optimal ratio ng price at attractiveness ng isang domain name?
• Paano i-check ang history ng isang domain and not be deceived na magbayad ng excessive amount that is under the filter?

Makukuha mo ang mga answers below.

Makukuha mo ang mga answers below.

Why should you buy domains with history?

Ang pagbili nang domain ay nangyayari due to one of reasons below:
1.  Ang presence ng external link mass which allows you na mag-start nang fight para sa leadership positions nang mga search engine results mula sa certain level (but certainly not from below).

2.   Ang age ng domain, na kadalasan would pay attention sa search engine kapag ni-rank ang web resources.

3.    Personal needs. Ang presence ng required keyword sa iyong domain name. Ang ease a pag-remember ng address, kung ito ay maikli or it successfully combines the characters. For example, for website building at gusto mo talagang pumili ng domain name like, this will immediately raise the level of prestige sa iyong site.

4.      Para a purpose na mai-resell at a higher price later on (since ang domain has above mentioned qualities at ang current selling price ay mas mababa sa potential market value)

Ano ang mga risks in buying an old domain?
Now, you will learn the simplest truths na makakatulong sa iyo to easily make decisions when you have questions gaya ng "Is it worth it to buy an old domain?" sa future.

1. Walang gi-give-up nang really really good promoted domains at i-bebenta ito separately from the rest ng kanyang business.

2. Kung gusto mong bumili ng “very well” attractive domain para sa same “very well” bargain price, 90% of the time ang purchase mo is under the filters, ibig sabihin, it will take a long time along with a lot of effort from your end para sa domain na ito to have a good reputation again. 

Paano mo malalaman kung ang domain is under the search engine filters?
To make this possible, kailangan mong i-check ang history ng domain na gusto mong bilhin. It is necessary na mahanap mo ang all possible information tungkol dito. Here are some ways kung paano mo magagawa ito:
• Gamitin ang irreplaceable service Ito ay makakatulong to check in detail ang history ng isang domain and see kung sa anong sites ito dati nag-i-exist in different periods of time. Mula sa archive copies provided, pwede mong ma-assess ang quality ng content that was previously located sa address na ito, estimate ang possibility of it falling under the filters and try to understand kung it makes sense to buy the old domain.

• Subukan mong magtanong sa dating owners (although kung may problems man, they are unlikely to tell you about this).

• I-search mo ang backlinks at i-assess ang credibility of source resources (for example, using

After mong i-analyze ang lahat nang collected information, pwede ka nang mag-assume regarding sa presence of active filters with respect sa selected address or their absence. Ito lang ang only way para mai-assess ang mga associated risk. Unfortunately, hindi ito 100% guaranteed methods. Kahit yung mga listed methods cannot give a full guarantee na you will receive all the necessary information tungkol sa old domain.

Ang pagbili ng old domain ay may possible risks na can only be justified nang iyong real need for a specific address. Therefore, kung gusto mo talaga ng site without a "dirty past", bumili ka na lang ng new domain.

Thanks for your attention! Wag kalimutang i-share with your friends ang link to this material to help them learn too!

Friday, March 22, 2019

Ang Website promotion at mga myths tungkol dito

SEO facts and Myths
Maraming website owners are looking for help sa mga search engine optimization specialists these days. However, ang daming requirements na technologically impossible at yung iba naman ay maaring iconsider na “fall for the bait” ng mga crooked specialists which can only lead to you wasting a lot of money. Nangyayari ang mga situation na ito because of the many SEO myths and delusions that were spread out in the market these days.

Kung interested ka sa iyong website promotion, basahin mo ang article na ito to understand kung ano-no ang mga SEO myths and kung paano mo ma-avoid ang mga common mistakes na ito.

Ang SEO myths tungkol 5 queries
There is this opinion na ang isang page ay hindi maaring i-optimize for more than 5 keywords. Hindi ito totoo! Ang pages ay kayang mag-hold nang kahit ilang keywords na kailangan mo. Maari itong 5, 10, 30 or 50. Wala namang limit kung ibabase natin sa SEO rules. However, dahil sa dami nang keywords, it is important to keep in mind na kailangan mo ding mag-adhere sa page proportion parameters. Kahit na merong excess, ang number of keywords ay hindi naman necessarily dapat bawasan, what you have to do is dagdagan ang amount nang text.

Mga Keywords at mga myths about its size
SEO keywords sizes

Isa pang unsupported claim argues na hindi kayang ipromote ang isang site using more than 30 different keywords. This claim is also considered under “SEO Myths”. Sa totoo lang, the size of the keywords is unlimited naman and can include hundreds and even thousands of them, depende sa size nang website mo.

1 keyword for 1 paragraph
Maraming tao ang may misconception na ang combination na ito can optimally affect the website promotion but it is what it is, just a misconception and is completely groundless at walang basehan. Wala ding limit dito. Sa kahit anong paragragh, pwedeng magkaroon nang kahit ilang keywords.

Ang Keywords ay dapat identified by SEO specialists
This misconception naman ay quite common sa mga owners nang web resources. Marami sa kanila ay naniniwala na ang mga hires specialists ay ang makaka-identify nang mga keywords. Again, this is far from being true. Ang pagpili nang wrong keywords may cause unrepairable harm sa quality nang isang website promotion. Wala nang iba pang tao na pwedeng pumili nang best keywords describing your business better sa iyo. After all, ikaw ang mas nakakaintindi at nakakaalam kung ano ang relevant sa iyong business more than anybody else. Kaya wag kang maging lazy at spend a few days of personal time para sa napakaimportanteng task na ito. Makakatulong din ito to make you save a lot of money.  

SEO keywords frequency
SEO myths tungkol sa high and low frequency keywords
Merong mga optimizers at website owners na naniniwala na ang key para sa kanilang success ay ang use of high frequency queries. Sa isang banda, it may seem it is. However, it is again just an SEO myth. In fact, sa bawat case, everything happens differently. Getting into the top of the search engine pages gamit ang mga queries na ito ay ang pinakamadali pero pinakamahal na paraan but the conversion rate ay maaring napakababa.

Ganito rin ang nangyayari kung gagamit ka ng low-frequency queries. Maraming naniniwala that promoting them will bring best results, pero ang pinaka mabuting suggestion to have a successful website promotion ay mag-identify nang tamang combination nang high at low frequency keywords.

Just a couple of days and you are in the TOP!
May mga unfair na SEO specialist that often promise their clients nang lightning-fast website promotion, at ang myth na ito ay widespread among the clients na poorly guided tungkol sa topic na ito at naniniwala na possible nilang makuha ang kahit ano basta may money. Kaya lang, ang real situation ay hindi naman talaga ganito. Ang speed nang promotion nang iyong website ay naka depend sa amount nang iyong investment pero ang results na makukuha mo may vary within a few months. Kung makakakuha ka nang promise to be in the Google top pages sa loob lamang nang tatlong araw, leave immediately! Hindi lang ito isang myth, isa siyang scam! I guarantee that you will be wasting your money dito.

SEO myths folder
You need to advance on each search engine separately

Isa pang example nang cheating sa mga gullible na customers. Ang mga rouge SEO specialists ay nagpapakalat nang SEO myths for a purpose na due sa difference in search engine algorithms, kailangan mong i-advance ang bawat isa nito separately. Dahil dito, need mo na pumili nang separate list of keywords para sa bawat isa. Kailangan mong magbayad nang several times more kung gusto mong i-cover ang 2-3 search engines.

Ito ang deepest deception!

Kahit pa na ang bawat search engine ay merong kanya-kanyang ranking algorithm, ang bawat search engine, kadalasan, equally take into account ang parehong factors (mga relevant keywords, quality nang content, high ranked backlinks, etc.).

Savings on SEO
Pagkatapos mong basahin ang article na ito, I hope na kaya mo nang gumawa nang sarili mong website promotion successfully at kaya mo na ring irefute at ma-spot yung mga myths that could make you spend nang sobrang time and money. Ito yung makakatulong sa iyo to put unfair SEO specialist sa tama nilang kalalagyan.

Siguraduhin mo ring wag makalimutan na i-share ang material na ito sa iyong mga friends para i-protect sila from making the mistakes na nai-describe ko sa taas.


CMS – content management system. It manages the creation and modification of digital content.

Keywords research  - is a practice search engine optimization (SEO) professionals use to find and research what people enter into search engines portals while looking for a particular subject.

Search engines - is a software system that is designed to search for information on the World Wide Web. 

Search engine robots (or Web crawler, sometimes called a spider or spiderbot) - is an Internet bot that systematically browses the World Wide Web, typically for the purpose of Web indexing (web spidering).